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1.681 Consulting: Pharmaceutical Strategies for Success


AbbVie                                                            Banner Life Sciences

Pfizer                                                               Infirst
Sanofi-Aventis                                               Galderma
Merck                                                              Perrigo
Novartis                                                          Pozen
Lundbeck                                                        Collegium
Cubist                                                              Renew Medical
GSK                                                                  Dr. Reddy's Labs

Hy BioPharma                                                Spark Therapeutics
Depomed                                                        Indivior

Agile                                                                 Nanologica AB
CHPA                                                                Galderma

NCI Consulting                                               Abbott

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                Dexcom
3D Communications                                     Egalet
Pathway Advisors                                          Novo
BCG - Boston Consulting Group                 Intellipharmaceutics
NECG - New England Consulting Group    Atrogi AB

Michael Allen Company                               Sigrid AB
Bain and Company
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Capital Group Companies

Personal Care Products Association



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